Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5 Star Spicy Sushi Challenge

I meant to post this quite a long time ago, but I misplaced a memory card for quite a while.

First things first, Lacey Koibito is where the best sushi in the Olympia area is found. The Olympia and Tumwater Koibitos are not to be trusted.

They recently started a one day a week habanero pepper roll challenge. 6 dudes rose to the occasion and crushed the aforementioned challenge. As a bonus we received a free roll, nice T shirt, and 10% off for life (when wearing the shirt).

This was our opponent.

A spicy tuna roll topped with habaneros, jalapenos, and some other pepper in a sauce that seemed to be mostly Sriracha. 
All 6 of us finished within 5 minutes. While it was spicy, it was bested with relative ease.

The blank board in the back now has all our pictures on it. 
I also took one pretty picture. 

All the sushi lined up on the counter, ready to be served

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