Monday, January 2, 2012

Pisco Sour

A small surprise occurred a few months ago here in Olympia... the local liquor store, for whatever reason, had a special order of Picologia Pisco.  It was a little pricy, but certainly worth it to create the signature cocktail of not one, but two different countries.

Variations are aplenty with the Pisco Sour. Some (perhaps the Chileans?) claim the egg whites are unnecessary, most recipes say to use lemon... but then one notes that South American Limon is closer to a lime. Some use 2-1 rich syrup, some use 1-1 simple syrup

And no matter the makeup... Anthony Bordain would rather have a beer

In the end, I just went with what I know I like... less sweet and more alcohol. Thus, the recipe from imbibe magazine (with a quick nod to the limon/lemon/lime issue).

Pisco Sour

3 oz Pisco
1 oz lemon and lime juice mixture
3/4 oz simple (1:1 ratio of water and sugar) syrup
1/2 egg white
4 drops angostura bitters

In a cocktail shaker, mix together pisco, lemon and lime juice (I did about 50/50), simple syrup, and egg white. Cover and shake.

Uncover and add ice (bigger ice cubes are better). Recover and shake.

Strain into a cocktail glass.

Drop 4 or so drops of angostura bitters onto the egg white foam in different spots around the drink. Use a toothpick and swirl them around for the nicely finished look. 

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  1. The Pisco Sour is a peruvian drink... you say its chilean? You don't know what are you talking about!
    Please inform well before post articles like that.
    I know there is a chilean liquour named Pisco, but its really different to the Peruvian Pisco.


    Yuri Guerrero