Monday, April 4, 2011

My Life in Burgers: 1st Quarter 2011

I would like to present the roster of all the burgers I ate in the first quarter of this year. They are in no particular order and include the establishment, location, and one sentence description. Click on the link to check out the yelp review or blog post associated with it. You can also check out my burger list on Yelp that just hit the 50 burger mark.

Over-sauced and under-seasoned.

Wonderfully flavorful and juicy with too much bun.

Overcooked beef with a plethora of other good things.

Expensive and upside down.

Strange soggy veggies and unmelted cheese.

Dried out and bland.

Strangely constructed and in need of better beef.

A large boring patty surrounded by a wealth of other quality items.

Excellent ingredients, just needs more of them.

Best of the quarter. Chorizo and Beef blend that's perfectly seasoned and juicy.

Worst of the Quarter. Cash and Carry Burger.

Excellent burger in need of more veggies.

It was 10:35... Why not?

Twenty Six Dollar Burger.

Thin juicy patties packed with flavor.


  1. Some of these are truly horrifying. And some just made me hungry...

  2. There are no burgers where I am, this is now truly food porn. meow gusta.

  3. I must be hungry because all of them looked appealing. Mmm. Burgers.