Saturday, February 5, 2011

Perfect Buffalo Beef Sandwich

I was ready to create the final product with the Buffalo Beef, Hot Sauce Gravy, and Buttermilk Ranch made.

Picked up the rest of the necessities from Ralphs.

Panino Rolls from Essential Baking Co. in Seattle
Smoked Black Pepper White Cheddar from Tilamook
A couple slices of bacon from the deli

Added 1/2 a slice of extra crispy bacon (chopped fine) to 3 tbsp of the ranch dressing.
Cranked the oven up and started to toast enough beef to cover the sandwich.
Grated 2 oz cheese and added it after beef was warmed. Added sliced roll at the same time.
Warmed 2 tbsp of the gravy.
Cut lettuce and tomatoes.

And now it's time.

Beef and cheese on the bottom.

Hot Sauce Gravy spread across the cheesy beef.

Tomatoes and Lettuce added.

Bacon Buttermilk Ranch on the top.

And it all comes together... Spicy, cool, savory, crispy... perfect.


  1. bacon buttermilk ranch, looks amazing!

  2. you could sell that in a restaurant