Monday, February 28, 2011

Fartichoke Gratin

Last week I made my first purchase from the awesome organic store in the style of a CSA box that is Olympia Local Foods.

While Olympia Local Foods is quite awesome, my decision to buy Jerusalem Artichokes was much less awesome. I knew nothing about them and figured that were a lot like regular artichokes... wrong.

They are ugly as can be (look a lot like ginger), have absolutely no relation to artichokes (actually more related to sunflowers), and have nothing to do with Jerusalem (some sort of strange lost in translation error). To make things a lot worse, I learned about a special property of their from some other blogs... the fact that they give you wicked gas and are sometimes called "Fartichokes."

Given all of this I was still excited to try and cook with them. They kind of taste like Jicama and certainly have a  similar texture. I decided to follow some other recipes and gave putting them into a gratin a shot. Some other delicious Olympia Local Foods stuff was also included like garlic, yellow onions, and yukon gold potatoes.

Chop it all up.

Stack it, add other stuff, cook.

This didn't taste bad. It didn't taste great either. But one thing stood out in a BIG way... flatulence.

These things give you gas. Not like a toot here and a toot there gas... I'm talking hold your hat with one hand and plug your nose with the other gas.  Bubbling stomach gas. No chance of going into public gas. It was absurd. After having one serving and feeling the effects, the rest of the giant gratin was promptly dismissed into the food waste bin. For that reason I'm not going to bother including a recipe.

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  1. Oh my gosh hilarious! No one has said anything about them giving gas? I did read if they aren't cooked, they have the effect. I think I will be composting the Chokes in my fridge...